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Mike Pompeo is asking service members, veterans and all Americans to share how "woke" ideology has impacted their life.

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Stories From Your Fellow Americans

Mike Pompeo – Army Veteran

“This radical Left ideology is beginning to have an impact on our military. When we focus on race and we focus on gender, there is an enormous amount of risk.”

Bill Brewer – Air Force Veteran

“It’s becoming more popular to assume that an organization like the military is part of the problem, and I actually think that the military that I served in is more of a model.”

Jason Church – Army Veteran

“As someone who has fought, bled, and almost died for this country, if we aren’t preparing for it now, we will see more instances of it in the future. And that is something that I do not want this country to have to shoulder.”

Rebecca Wolfe – Marine Veteran

“We were all Marines. It doesn’t matter what color you are. It doesn’t matter what your personal beliefs, your religion. You are fighting next to the person to your right, to your left.”